Aplifant Wallet

  • Keep track of your personal expenses and incomes
  • Set repeating payments in the future
  • Check your balance on a monthly or yearly basis
  • Add tags to payments to categorize them
  • Invite your friends to join a group for common expenses
  • Import old payments from a spreadsheet
  • Data stored in the cloud
  • Available in English and Finnish
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"Can I afford it this month?"

With Wallet you can observe your personal balance on a monthly or yearly basis. Reports list all your expenses and incomes in a desired time range, and calculate your balance.

Reduce manual work by setting repeating payments, for example your monthly rent, to be paid every month automatically.

Group payments made easy

Many times people, roommates for instance, share some payments together. With Wallet you can create groups and mark new payments to belong to a specific group. Group members can see how much they owe to their groups, in other words how much they should pay so that everyone would have paid equally. Handy icons help tell apart group payments from private ones. In case you wonder, those payments of yours that belong to a group are visible but not editable to other group members.

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